All-inclusive package Amsterdam Pub Cruise:

1½ hours of sailing, pub cruise with delicious Amsterdam snacks and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.

Varend Bruin Café - Amsterdam Pub Cruise - Hildebrand

Do you want to taste Amsterdam? Then book the “Amsterdam Pub Cruise” from Rederij de Nederlanden. During one and a half hours you will sail through the heart of the city while enjoying Amsterdam’s snacks and drinks. We bring back the atmosphere of the real Amsterdam café on board. The dresses on the table, the Amsterdam music and the drink in the hand revive the old-fashioned pub. As you sail through canals, our skippers tell us strong stories about the city of Amsterdam.

€ 37.50 * per person including 1.5 hours of sailing

* From 25 people. For groups of 15 to 25 people € 39.50 p.p.

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Amsterdam Pub Cruise features

  • 1½ hours of sailing for € 37.50 per person (For groups of 15 to 25 people: € 39.50 per person)
  • including boat hire, crew and operation
  • an Amsterdam cordial after boarding
  • delicious Amsterdam snacks
  • unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks

Amsterdam snacks

On board well-filled bowls with Amsterdam snacks.

  • Amsterdam sausage
  • Amsterdam liver sausage
  • Amsterdam grill sausage
  • Old and young cheese
  • Leiden cheese
  • Stuffed egg

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