Amsterdam Sandwich & Rolls Cruise

All-inclusive package the Amsterdam Sandwich & Rolls Cruise . 1.5 hours sailing, the best sandwiches in Amsterdam and unlimited coffee, tea, milk and fresh orange juice.

Traditional and fresh

On the Sandwich & Rolls Cruise, oven-fresh sandwiches are served with artisanal meats and mouth-watering cheeses. Naturally, there is also milk, coffee, tea and fresh orange juice ready for you

We serve:

  • bread roll with ham
  • meatball sandwich
  • ripened cheese sandwich
  • tartare sandwich
  • egg sandwich

The Amsterdam Sandwich & Rolls Cruise is ideal for a playful lunch in Amsterdam with friends, business relations or colleagues.

A perfecte luncheon on the canals

The best place to have lunch in Amsterdam? That is on the Amsterdam Sandwich & Rolls Cruise from Rederij de Nederlanden.

Experience the Amsterdam canals on one of our authentic ships while enjoying the best sandwiches that can be found in the city. The sandwiches are provided by sandwich shop ‘t Kuyltje, rated by famous culinary journalist Johannes van Dam with a 9.5.

Bar, toilet and heating on board

The Sandwich & Rolls Cruises of Rederij de Nederlanden are equipped with all possible conveniences. With good weather we of course sail with a fully open hood. If the weather unexpectedly gets a bit less then we can (partially) close the hood. For example, we turn on the heating for the late hours. Of course we have a toilet on board.

Smaller groups?

This package is available for groups from 15 people. Are you with a smaller group? Please contact us to see if a different arrangement fits or choose a separate boat rental with one of our culinary options.

Book a boat with a guide?

Gids aan boord

A boat trip in the Amsterdam Canals is an experience and there is no need for a guide on board to enjoy the tranquility of the water, the architecture along the shores and the highlights on the canals. But maybe you and your party have sailed more often in the center and you want to offer your guests some extras this time.

In that case you can make your boat trip even more special by hiring a professional guide who tells everything about the history of the city, the architecture and interesting facts about its UNESCO heritage.

Facilities and customization

On board our boats you will lack nothing. We take care of your cruise to the last detail. All our boats are equipped as standard with a toilet, heating, a music system with telephone connection and windows or awnings that can be opened in good weather. There is a ship’s bar on most boats and a number of boats can be fully opened in good weather. The layout of the larger boats can be adjusted as desired. Ask our employees about the customized options for a boat in Amsterdam!

Doris Wouters-Ringoir, reservations

Rederij De Nederlanden