Italian buffet

The key to contemporary Italian cuisine is the quality and freshness of ingredients as well as the use of herbs, such as basil, thyme, parsley and rosemary. The Italian buffet is composed with great care in order to present typical Italian flavors in recognizable dishes. Below you will find the Italian buffet we have created exclusively for you.

From €32.50 p.p.

Minimum 20 people

All prices are excluding VAT
excluding boat rental, drinks and extras


1. Italian salad with arugula, red and yellow cherry tomato, red onion, pine nuts and buffalo mozzarella
2. Carpaccio salad with pesto, sun-dried tomato, arugula and fresh Parmesan cheese
3. Salad with Italian oven potato, Spinata Romana and Coppa di Parma
4. Focaccia Parma ham and cantaloupe
5. Various types of bread with dipping


1. Penne rigate with tomato, leeks, basil and fresh Parmesan cheese
2. Saltimbocca, veal with Italian ham
3. Tricolore pasta with smoked salmon, vegetables and a dill sauce
4. Traditional Lasagna
5. Cannelloni with spinach, ricotta and tomato sauce

Special food needs, allergy or diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements or do we need to consider allergies? For us, this is not a problem at all. If you indicate your requirements in advance, our caterers will provide a custom buffet on board or some special dishes prepared separately. This way, someone with an allergy can still fully enjoy a delicious meal.