Cocktail Cruise

Amsterdam's sailing cocktail bar. Enjoy delicious cocktails with friends, family or colleagues. Our all inclusive Cocktail Cruise package includes a two-hour cruise through Amsterdam on a comfortable boat, enjoying the tastiest cocktails and unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks. Our popular Cocktail Cruise delights everyone.

Starting from € 64,50 p.p.

All prices exclude VAT
Include boat rental and drinks

This package can be booked from as little as €62.50 p.p. for groups of 25 or more. Groups of 15 to 25 people pay €64.50 p.p.

Ultimate enjoyment on the canals

Whether you come with friends, family or colleagues to cruise the Amsterdam canals, our Cocktail Cruise is guaranteed to be a success. Because nothing is more fun than cruising the Amsterdam canals with a mojito, whiskey sour or a gin-tonic in hand.

The cocktails

Cocktails are made on board by our expert bartenders. You can choose from the Mojito, Gin-tonic and Whiskey Sour. Three classics, each with their own typical flavor. Something for everyone. In addition to cocktails, there is unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks during the cruise.


A Cocktail Cruise is not complete without the famous Mojito. The Mojito is a cocktail with rum, lime, fresh mint, sugar, sparkling water and ice. This deliciously refreshing cocktail was one of writer Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktails. Popular in the nightlife scene, the cocktail can be ordered at many bars and cafes. The Mojito is prepared for you on the spot.

Whiskey Sour

Even people who do not like whiskey often find the Whiskey Sour very tasty. It is the most famous so-called sour cocktail. In addition to whiskey, the cocktail consists of syrup, lemon juice, egg white and a bitter. The shake is poured over ice cubes or crushed ice.


The name of this cocktail leaves little to the imagination. The cocktail consists of gin combined with tonic, ice and a lemon or lime wedge. The specific taste of this cocktail is loved by many people. The cocktail has been around since the 18th century and has only gained in popularity. On our boat, we use Gordon’s London Dry gin for this cocktail.

Haal meer uit je vaartocht

Ervaar een onvergetelijke boottocht op maat bij Rederij de Nederlanden. Of je nu een intiem samenzijn plant, een feestelijk evenement organiseert of een zakelijke bijeenkomst wilt verrijken, wij bieden een unieke en gepersonaliseerde belevenis op het water. Met onze boottochten op maat kan je de prachtige Amsterdamse grachten verkennen op je eigen tempo en volgens jouw eigen wensen. Ons ervaren team staat voor je klaar om jouw ideeën werkelijkheid te maken en jouw vaartocht tot in de puntjes te verzorgen. Geniet van de vrijheid om jouw route, activiteiten en catering volledig aan te passen, zodat je boottocht een onvergetelijke belevenis wordt.