Lunch on board

Treat your guests to a delicious lunch during a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Lunch aboard our classic boats is an original way to break up the day during your visit to our city. Your guests can enjoy the view of the canals at leisure with a lunch cruise through Amsterdam. You can choose from the lunches described below.

Already from €13.50 p.p.

All prices are excluding VAT
excluding boat rental, drinks and extras

Lunch 1

1. A mix of soft and hard rolls, half wraps, stone oven sandwiches, and bagels topped with various types of cheese, cold cuts, fish and salads with matching garnishes (2 p.p.)
2. Homemade sweets such as chocolate caramel/sea salt, apple cake, assortment of mini muffins, red velvet, strawberry hang up (1 item p.p.)

€13.50 p.p.

Lunch 2

(2 sandwiches p.p. + ½ wrap)

1. Two color hoagie, chicken/cheese/tomato/cucumber/egg
2. Tuscan carpaccio sandwich with truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
3. Half wrap smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and red onion shreds

€16.50 p.p.

Lunch 3

Soup: (we would like to hear your choice in advance)
1. Artisanal farmhouse vegetable soup, hand-made soup balls, fresh vegetables and croutons
2. Italian tomato soup of sun-ripened Pomodori tomatoes (V)
3. Zucchini soup with crème fraiche (V)
4. Pumpkin soup (V)

1. Caesar Salad, little gem, red onion, homemade croutons, egg and Parmesan cheese
2. Salad caprese, sun-ripened tomato, mozzarella, basil, pine nuts (V)

1. Assortment of soft and hard rolls, half wraps, stone oven sandwiches and bagels (1.5 pp) topped with a variety of cheese, cold cuts, fish and salads with matching garnishes
2. Break bread/baguette

1. Herb butter
2. Hummus
3. Tapenade and aioli

€19.50 p.p.

Special food needs, allergy or diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements or do we need to consider allergies? For us, this is not a problem at all. If you indicate your requirements in advance, our caterers will provide a custom buffet on board or some special dishes prepared separately. This way, someone with an allergy can still fully enjoy a delicious meal.