Entertainment on board

A cruise with Rederij de Nederlanden through the Amsterdam canals is quite an experience in itself. You can extend your cruise with different types of entertainment on board. Consider music on board or play a fun game with your guests. Below are some of our entertainment collaboration partners. Of course, you can also arrange your own entertainment if you wish.

The Other Quiz

Category: pub quiz

Humor, hilarious clips and current events are all covered at The Other Quiz’s pub quiz. A guaranteed success if you want a large group to be entertained. For enthusiasts, this pub quiz also comes with music rounds where the necessary sing-alongs have a big part to play. Now also bookable on our boats.

Read more at Pub Quiz The Other Quiz website.

Applejuice & Cigarettes

Category: music band

At the Utrecht Conservatory, the musical spark jumps between singer Louise Hensen, pianist Floris Lamers and saxophonist René Everts. With their extensive repertoire of swinging jazz, beautiful ballads, bossa nova and easylistening, they were able to provide drinks, weddings and dinners with an atmospheric setting.

Louise’s soulful voice combined with the pleasant jazzy sounds of Floris and René make you not want to disembark, in short: a stylish choice!

Visit the Myspace page of Louise Hensen

Arthur Ebeling & Band

Category: music band

Arthur Ebeling is known in Holland as one of the most authentic, amazing and all-around rhythm ‘n blues guitarists and singer-songwriters. Appreciated for his intricate and diverse techniques, demonstrates a clear love for his Gretsch guitar, music and performance. Arthur takes his audience on a journey of endless surprises and delights.

Arthur’s music is a unique, recognizable, timeless and catchy mix between rhythm ‘n blues, rock ‘n roll, country blues – in a jazzy sauce. With Ray Charles he shares his soul, with Tom Waits his rawness and with Eddie Cochran his rock ‘n roll.


The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam

Category: orchestra, marching band

The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam is a local ukulele ensemble led by Candace Bloom. The orchestra is ideally suited as entertainment during a boat trip and has repertoire in every genre imaginable. It is interesting for any boat trip, theme party and target group. The ideal music on board.

Facebook page of The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam

Realtime Easylistening Jazz & Background Music

Category: music band

Live Background music for your party, wedding, marriage, reception, dinner ezv. Repertoire: Jazz & Blues, Latin and Pop classics. Wolfgang Keller (saxophone) and Marcus Ilmari (guitar) founded the swinging duo of Realtime live music 15 years ago. With our extensive repertoire and beautiful acoustic sound, we are able to provide your party, wedding, reception, birthday, anniversary, opening, canal tour, drinks, party, dinner with an elegant and original atmosphere.


Club Waterl’eau: sailing nightclub show

Category: cabaret

During a cruise through the atmospherically lit city center of nocturnal Amsterdam, “Club Waterl’eau” presents a varied and musical program on a saloon boat transformed into an exclusive nightclub.

International repertoire in 7 languages.


The 4Tuoze Matte Pink

Category: music band

The 4Tuoze Matroze are known as the innovators of the Dutch Sea Song. After their founding in 1995, they have become national and international representatives of traditional Dutch musical culture. The 4Tuoze Matroze perform on both the cultural and corporate circuits, with more than 100 performances a year.



Category: tours, events agency

Amsterjan is an enthusiastic, personal and original tours and events agency for all your company outings, bachelor parties, family outings in Amsterdam. For groups from 6 to 200 people, we provide everything you can think of in our beautiful Mokum.


Tim Welvarens

Category: music band

Tim Welvaars has been working as an entertainer worldwide for more than 40 years,playing harmonica, accompanying himself on the piano. Tim plays many styles of music, including Romantic music, blues, boogie woogie, swing, bossa nova, Jazz ballads, pop, film music etc. A former student of the world-famous Toots Thielemans, Tim plays the beautiful and atmospheric “Toots” repertoire on both piano and harmonica at the same time.

Besides his solo performance, Tim also plays in other configurations, such as duo with guitar accompaniment, trio with guitar and bass, quartet with percussion (for dance music), optionally extended with a vocalist(e);all this, of course, in the aforementioned styles of music.


Bart & Dirk Show

Category: music band

Bart & Dirk’s program is basically full-length. The emphasis of this duo is on Pop, Soul, Jazz and Funk but the Dutch Song also comes up regularly. One thing all the songs have in common: they are performed with great skill, enthusiasm and sense of timing. Thereby Bart & Dirk feel their audience perfectly and add value to their performance with their alert and comical presentation. A Bart & Dirk show is a musical journey where the audience is pampered.

Bart & Dirk

Artist agencies

For more entertainers, check out the Bands & Acts website


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