Winter cruise Amsterdam

Do you have something to celebrate in the winter months and want to do it in an original way? Then let Rederij de Nederlanden surprise you during a Winter Cruise through the heart of Amsterdam. During a boat trip, colleagues get to know each other in a casual way. Make sure with your friends or family that this afternoon or evening goes down in the books as the best day you have ever experienced.

Starting from € 69,50 p.p.

All prices exclude VAT
Include boat rental and drinks

Our all-inclusive Winter Cruise offers old-fashioned enjoyment. This package includes 2 hours of boating, delicious old Dutch stew and unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks.

Discovering wintery Amsterdam by boat

With this Winter Cruise through Amsterdam’s canals, you’ll see Amsterdam from a different perspective. After visiting the Christmas market, get on our luxury boat to be surprised with a stamppot buffet, where you can choose from a variety of dishes and side dishes. These dishes are prepared by our professional chef and served by our friendly staff.

After walking all day through cold Amsterdam, it’s high time to warm up. Where better to do this than on an all-inclusive Winter Cruise? This will absolutely be the best way to end your day with your friends, family or colleagues. While enjoying a drink and hot food, socialize with your loved ones and go over the day. A Winter Cruise is also great if you want to take a different approach to your staff outing. We offer options for every group size and purpose. We are very flexible and have specialized in organizing cruises for many years, both in the summer and winter months.

Combine with a stew buffet

Stew buffet

  • Sauerkraut stew
  • Mashed raw endive
  • Mashed onion and carrot
  • Capuchins with bacon
  • Homemade meatball in gravy
  • Marinated bacon steak
  • Smoked sausage
  • Side dishes
  • Piccalilli, pearl onions and mustard


  • Dessert in glass from € 3,85
  • Bitterscotch pudding with whipped cream
  • Semolina pudding with berry juice

Haal meer uit je vaartocht

Ervaar een onvergetelijke boottocht op maat bij Rederij de Nederlanden. Of je nu een intiem samenzijn plant, een feestelijk evenement organiseert of een zakelijke bijeenkomst wilt verrijken, wij bieden een unieke en gepersonaliseerde belevenis op het water. Met onze boottochten op maat kan je de prachtige Amsterdamse grachten verkennen op je eigen tempo en volgens jouw eigen wensen. Ons ervaren team staat voor je klaar om jouw ideeën werkelijkheid te maken en jouw vaartocht tot in de puntjes te verzorgen. Geniet van de vrijheid om jouw route, activiteiten en catering volledig aan te passen, zodat je boottocht een onvergetelijke belevenis wordt.