Luxury sloop hire Amsterdam with skipper

Rent a luxury sloop in Amsterdam: with skipper or captain through the canals

Sloop rental Amsterdam? With skipper and an all inclusive package? Rederij de Nederlanden has the perfect solution for any group, regardless of how many people you are with.

Cruising through the canals of Amsterdam on a nice summer day. With a nice big group, a drink in your hand, music in the background. The Jacob van Lennep and Hildebrand sloops are delightful open boats that are perfect for a trip through the canals of Amsterdam. Whether it’s a select group of friends, or business associates that you want to enjoy the canals of Amsterdam with. Rent a cozy and luxurious sloop with skipper or captain directly from Rederij de Nederlanden.

Sloops for 20-30-40-50 persons with all comforts on board

The Jacob van Lennep and the Hildebrand are comfortable ships with all desired amenities, as well as a skipper or captain. The sloops of Rederij de Nederlanden are equipped with all possible conveniences, such as a toilet, bar and heating.

We also offer packages with food and drinks. In fine weather, of course, we sail a fully open ship. Should the weather unexpectedly become a little less, we can close the hood (partially) so you can sit comfortably covered. For late hours, for example, we can turn on the heating.

We can accommodate both small and large groups: from 20, 30, 40 or 50 people. For very large groups, you can also rent the saloon boat Het Wapen van Amsterdam for up to 175 people.

Sloop rental in Amsterdam with food and drinks

If you’re going to rent a sloop in Amsterdam, you want to know what you can expect. With Rederij de Nederlanden, you won’t encounter any surprises. If you book a boat with us, you will get a clear price per person. We have all in prices, including drinks and food. So no surprises.

Book directly with Rederij de Nederlanden

With us, you rent an open sloop at the lowest possible rate. You don’t have any additional fees for a booking office. In short: rent a sloop directly from Rederij de Nederlanden.

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A sloop that suits your needs

At Rederij de Nederlanden, you can choose from a wide selection of attractive
all-inclusive packages for lunch, drinks and bites, or buffet for your sloop hire Amsterdam.