Satay buffet

Enjoy a tasty Satay Buffet on board. At Rederij de Nederlanden we offer a delicious satay buffet aboard our ships, making your cruise through the Amsterdam canals even more special. Our satay buffet is perfect for lovers of the deliciously seasoned and grilled pieces of meat on a skewer, served with flavorful sauces and side dishes.

From €23.50 p.p.

Minimum 10 people

All prices exclude VAT
excluding boat rental, drinks and extras

Satay Buffet Classic

Chicken satay from tender chicken thighs
(3 skewers p.p. of 50 grams)

  • White rice with satay sauce
  • Fried potatoes
  • Prawn crackers
  • Spicy Skin Potato Salad
  • Assorted bread with dips


€23.50 p.p.

Satay buffet De Nederlanden


  • Spicy skin potato salad
  • Oriental salad with steak strips



  • Chicken thigh satay (3 skewers per person of 50 grams)
  • Rendang, spicy beef, sereh and coconut
  • Indonesian style meatballs
  • White rice
  • Fried potatoes


Side dishes

  • Prawn crackers
  • Assorted bread with dips


€ 27.50 p.p.

Satay Buffet Deluxe

Chicken satay from tender chicken thighs
(4 skewers of 50 grams)

  • Satay sauce
  • Nasi Goreng with fried omelet
  • Bami
  • Foe Yong Hai with chicken (optionally vegetarian)
  • Prawn crackers
  • Oriental salad with steak strips, bean sprouts, pak choi
  • Green salad with cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, red onion, homemade croutons and egg
  • Assorted bread with dips


€ 29.50 p.p.

Special food needs, allergy or diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements or do we need to consider allergies? For us, this is not a problem at all. If you indicate your requirements in advance, our caterers will provide a custom buffet on board or some special dishes prepared separately. This way, someone with an allergy can still fully enjoy a delicious meal.