French buffet

If there are at least 10 of you, you can choose the French buffet. An extensive buffet with a variety of cold and hot dishes.

French cuisine is an internationally acclaimed cuisine with a long tradition. It is characterized by its high diversity, which you will discover in our French buffet on board. Below you will find the menu we have created exclusively for you.

From €32.50 p.p.

Minimum 10 people

All prices exclude VAT
excluding boat rental, drinks and extras


1. Salad with blue cheese, green asparagus, avocado and carrot
2. Smoked duck breast, chicory, pear and fresh fig
3. Haricots verts salad, mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, pine nuts, chives
4. Salad Riche with crayfish, tenderloin tips, mango, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato
5. Various types of bread with dip


1. Coq au Vin, fried chicken, bacon, carrot, onion and mushrooms in a red wine sauce
2. Salmon from the plancha with prawns and vegetables
3. Potato gratin
4. Vegetarian sweet potato and goat cheese oven dish
5. Ratatouille

Special food needs, allergy or diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements or do we need to consider allergies? For us, this is not a problem at all. If you indicate your requirements in advance, our caterers will provide a custom buffet on board or some special dishes prepared separately. This way, someone with an allergy can still fully enjoy a delicious meal.