Appetizers on board

For during the cruise, we offer your guests a variety of appetizers on board. Hot appetizers will be picked up en route so they arrive hot on the boat. You can order the appetizers up to 5 days before the cruise. Prices exclude VAT.

Drinks and Bites

Table Bites

From €5.50 p.p.

  • Luxury freshly roasted nuts
  • Vegetable chips
  • Olives

Luxury appetizers

From €4.50 p.p.

  • Cheese butterflies
  • Olives
  • Freshly roasted deluxe nuts

‘Bitterballen’ / Snacks

From € 12, – per 8 pieces (minimum 40)

During the cruise, we will stop briefly so hot ‘bitterballen’ and/or appetizers can be served on board. The price depends on the route and the supplier.

Healthy appetizers

From € 24.50 per 5 persons

A tasty and healthy garnish served with a delicious dipping sauce:

  • Various fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh tzatziki and humus

Tapas bites platter

From € 64.50 per 5 people

  • Serrano ham with mozzarella, basil and aceto balsamico
  • Assorted Spanish ham and charcuterie
  • Frittata with chorizo
  • Cold meatball
  • Manchego cheese
  • Mixed nuts and olives
  • Break bread with various dips

Luxury charcuterie board

From € 24.50 per 5 people

  • Wasabi nuts
  • Almonds
  • Crostinis
  • Weck jar of tomato tapenade and pesto

Charcuterie board with cheese and sausages

From €89.50 per board of 60 appetizers

60 bites of:

  • 3 kinds of Dutch cheese with pearl onions from Kesbeke
  • 3 kinds of Dutch sausage with cornichon
  • Stuffed free-range eggs
  • Mustard

Vegetarian/vegan appetizers

Vegan charcuterie board

From € 39.50 per 5 people

  • Cherry tomato stuffed with creamy avocado
  • Mushroom stuffed with tapenade
  • Homemade humus with radish and something crunchy
  • Amuse with grilled eggplant
  • Single-bite wrap with spicy vegetables


From € 45, – per 10 pieces per variety

Slices of baguette generously topped with all kinds of deliciousness:

  • Truffle tapenade with sun-dried tomatoes with thyme and garlic
  • Smoked sheep’s cheese with membrillo and hazelnut
  • Delicious spicy blue cheese with onion jam, honey, raisins and parsley
  • On slightly spicy hoisin sauce, pickled cucumber, egg, cilantro
  • Seasoned sautéed mushrooms with brine, red onion and manchego

Bowl vegetarian

From €8.50 p.p.

3 snacks per person

  • Mushroom with sundried tomato and walnut pesto
  • Baba ganoush with vegetable chips
  • Pumpkin with goat cheese
  • Stuffed bell pepper with cream cheese
  • Wrap duxelles and mayonnaise of mushroom and beech mushroom

Luxury appetizer platters

Appetizers IJ

From € 109.50 per bowl

45 pieces:

  • Rye appetizer cream brie -raspberry marmalade and chives
  • Stuffed egg with a filling of curry cream, chives and tomatoes
  • Melon pearl with serrano ham
  • Crostini smoked salmon garnished with capers and dill
  • Canape vitello tonato – veal fricandeau with tuna mayonnaise

Appetizers Amstel

From € 109.50 per bowl

45 pieces:

  • Blini smoked salmon creme fraiche red onion and ice lettuce
  • Canape with goat cheese, walnut and honey
  • Stuffed egg with a filling of curry cream, chives and tomatoes
  • Skewer of marinated mozzarella with Mediterranean ham, sun-dried tomato
  • Canapé carpaccio, pesto and Parmesan

Appetizers Bredero

From € 109.50 per bowl

45 pieces:

  • Single-bite wraps with smoked chicken and avocado cream
  • Canapé carpaccio, pesto, Parmesan
  • Crostini smoked salmon – red onion
  • Buffalo mozzarella, asparagus, sun-dried tomato
  • Crusted tuna salad with red onion and caper

Hot snacks

Appetizers De Nederlanden warm

From € 29.50 per 10 pieces per variety

  • Spanish spiced meatball in spicy tomato salsa
  • Shot of forest mushroom soup with truffle
  • Yakitori (Japanese chicken satay) with colored crackers
  • Slice of quiche with spinach and spicy cheese
  • Vegetarian meatballs with cucumber dip
  • Slice of quiche with sweet potato, feta and spinach
  • Dimsum with a stuffing of chicken with shitake
  • Skewered prawn with puffed cherry tomato

Soups served in tumbler

From €5.00 each (min. 10 per variety)

  • Sun-ripened roma tomato, creme fraiche (V)
  • Tom kha kai, coconut, lemongrass, chicken
  • Zucchini, cream, mint (V)
  • Pumpkin, creme fraiche (V)
  • Forest mushrooms with truffle
  • Sweet potato with chorizo
  • Gazpacho (cold Spanish tomato soup), garlic, bell pepper, tomato

Oriental snacks

Bowl “We Love Sushi”

From €149.50 per bowl

46 bites:

  • 2 Nigiri salmon
  • 2 Nigiri shrimp
  • 6 Hosomaki salmon
  • 6 Hosomaki cucumber
  • 6 Hosomaki crab
  • 8 California crab
  • 8 California salmon
  • 8 Chef’s Special


Bowl Oriental “special”

From €23.75 each

  • Salmon, avocado and cucumber, topped with soy mayonnaise
  • Spicy tuna tartare with wasabi crunch
  • Oriental beef with black sesame
  • Crab salad with mango served in a glass
  • Smoked duck breast with Hoisin
  • Sweet and sour radish with enoki
  • Lightly cooked mackerel with spring onion
  • Spicy chicken with black bean sauce

Special food needs, allergy or diet?

Do you have special dietary requirements or do we need to consider allergies? For us, this is not a problem at all. If you indicate your requirements in advance, our caterers will provide a custom buffet on board or some special dishes prepared separately. This way, someone with an allergy can still fully enjoy a delicious meal.