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Italian Buffet Cruise

All-inclusive package Italian Buffet Cruise. 2½ hours of sailing, extensive Italian buffet and unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks.

€ 85,00 per persoon inclusief 2,5 uur varen

*Vanaf 25 personen. Voor groepen van 15 tot 25 personen: € 89,50 p.p.

Exclusief btw en toeristenbelasting

€ 85.00* per person, 2,5 hours sailing included

*From 25 people.
€ 89.50 p.p. for groups of 15 to 25 people

Excluding VAT and tourist tax

  • 2½ hours of sailing for € 85.00 p.p. (€ 89.50 p.p. for groups of 15 to 25 people)
  • including boat hire, crew, and operation
  • reception with a glass of Prosecco, appetizers and snacks
  • extensive Italian buffet
  • unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks

** If you want to sail with groups of less than 15 people, you can do so on request

Italiaans buffet

The extensive Italian buffet consists of:

Cold dishes:

  • Green salad with blue cheese, walnuts, honey dressing and homemade croutons
  • Tuscan rice salad with paprika, tomato, basil and Italian herbs
  • Pasta salad tricolore with pieces of tuna, paprika, red onion, olives and Peccorino cheese
  • Assortment Italian meats: including Coppa di Parma, Bressaola, salami and slices of melon

Warm dishes:

  • Veal in tomato sauce and sage
  • Mash salmon in a sauce of basil and lime
  • Pasta with sundried tomatoes, red peppers, and Parmesan cheese
  • Gnocchi with fresh Italian herbs
  • Grilled vegetables

Side dishes:

  • Sliced ciabatta and farmland bread
  • Olive oil and herb butter

Reception with Prosecco and snacks

When you arrive on board, a glass of Prosecco is served for everyone. While sailing we pick up the snacks. In addition to some Dutch appetizer,s you will receive 2 Italian snacks per person. You can choose from:

  • Wrap with smoked ribeye and truffle tapenade
  • Grilled eggplant stuffed with goat cream cheese and lemon zest
  • Crostini smoked duck breast, lacquered with 5-spices honey
  • Canape “vitello tonato”, veal tenderloin with tuna mayonnaise
  • Bonbon of smoked salmon with cream cheese and marinated cucumber

Bar, toilet, and heating on board

The boats of Rederij de Nederlanden are equipped with all possible conveniences. With good weather we of course sail with a completely open hull. If the weather is less nice, we switch on the heating. Of course, we have a toilet on board.

A pleasant day ending, or a special beginning of an evening with friends, colleagues or family. Our cozy boats are the perfect location to raise the glass in the best company and enjoy delicious food. Request a free quotation for the Italian Buffet Cruise now.

Luxury catering

The Italian buffet Cruise is one of the more luxurious all-inclusive packages in our range. Our guests are very enthusiastic about it and that is something we notice about returning customers who choose this package time and time again. The extensive buffet is provided by the specialist in the field of luxury catering on the water.

Special wines from De Nederlanden

Normally our house wine is served on our boats. You can extend the arrangement, at extra cost, with special wines from our wine list. Our wine list is compiled by wine specialist Arisz et al. The wines are specially selected for Rederij de Nederlanden. If you wish to make use of our wine list, you can inform us of this up to five working days in advance.